Whether you’re into watercolours, acrylics, photography, or etch-a-sketches, we would love for you to share your work with the River District community! The many local artists that came out to participate in the River Reflections community mural has inspired River District’s first art show, giving everyone an opportunity to show their work to their neighbours. We welcome artists of all ages and skill to participate.

Date: Sunday, October 12
Time: 11AM to 5PM | Free admission
Location: River District Centre, 8683 Kerr Street


Marta Adamovich

Marta was born in Sopron Hungary and immigrated to Canada in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution. She attended UBC, receiving her Teacher’s Certification with a Masters in Art Education. She is a Visual Art’s Teacher at Eric Hamber Secondary and paints in her spare time.

Buttons were her toys when she was young and so she has incorporated this love into her artwork, enjoying their playfulness and sparkle. The painting with bugs is dedicated to her granddaughter, Samantha, who is fascinated with the bugs that land in the windowsills of her Fraser River Condo, “shhh, the bugs are sleeping”.

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, or commissioning a work, please contact Marta at

Tanya Blunden

Tanya Blunden is a freelance artist and illustrator. Most of her work is within the realm of fantasy, fairies, dragons, wizards and such. Her work is full of magic and can be described as colorful and whimsical. She is predominately a colored pencil artist. However she incorporates other mediums into her work from time to time, including watercolors, pastels, graphite, and acrylics. Tanya lives in the Burnaby area with her husband, two children and a grey tabby cat. You can contact Tanya at She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

James Cowan

After visiting the River District many times over the past ten years, James Cowan finally made the move to the neighborhood from Victoria, BC last year.  He has brought his camera and his eye for the interesting amongst the natural to the Fraser River, capturing the beauty of the River District on his frequent walks along Riverfront Park.

James’s photography takes a close-up view of everyday scenes and particularly of nature which we often breeze by in our daily lives.  Having engaged subjects as diverse as leaves, water, rust, lights and tugboats, James’s work reproduces familiar visual scenes, but presents them in unique, meditative pieces.  The theme of nature and man-made objects co-existing is often drawn into photos that feature natural objects from an unusual perspective, juxtaposed with brashly bright store signs and or other pieces of human construction, asking us to consider ourselves as part of the landscape around us.

While James uses a variety of camera and photography techniques, he focuses on perspectives that will create different emotions within each picture, but maintaining a consistent natural and harmonic feeling. The subject matter of each piece determines the perspective and technique used for each photo.

You can contact James at or follow him on Flickr and Instagram.

Avie Estrin

“In as much as a thing has infinite definition according to its experiential nature, we must embrace this fathomless aspect of being as free license for unrestricted creative expression.”  – Avie M. Estrin

Avie’s  litany of work spans genres, from photography to writing, and experimentations in combinations and permutations of both.  His poetry has been published both on-line and in print anthology form, and  his award winning photographic art displayed  locally and abroad.  His belief in the fundamentally phenomenological nature of art is the basis of all his work and the principal fuelling  his creative diversity.

Avie’s next work, The Blessed People Collection, will be featured at the Sydney and Gertrude Zack Gallery at 950 W. 41 Ave, Vancouver December 4 to January 4, 2015.

David and Vida MacBain

David is a Canadian watercolor painter and muralist whose works have graced private collections in North America, Japan, Australia and the US. Vida is a Canadian multimedia artist who has led and developed creative Adventure Design Camps and tutored young people applying for Art School.

For the past three years their synergy has emerged into the promotional company called Paint the Town, emphasizing custom mural paintings on urban walls and windows. From Health and Fitness Shops in the capital to Bicycle Repair establishments, their client list also includes franchises such as DODGE, FORD, M&M, Tim Hortons, Subway, John Deere, ACURA and NISSAN. Ottawa, as well as the surrounding towns of Embrun, Forrest and Manotick were radically transformed by their bright window illuminations for the festive holiday seasons.

Since moving to Vancouver in Easter of 2014, the team has completed two public murals. The first, for Faith Fellowship Baptist’s joyous celebration of the multi-ethnic church culture. The second: a grant venture where they designed and provided guidance for 4 community murals depicting the history of the Fraser River for the new River District of South Vancouver. The duo also work frequently with Emily Carr students and Film Graduates to train them in the business of Art and Aesthetic Community Transformation.

Joanne Peverell

Joanne started painting later in life and finds it to be very relaxing. Joanne has been picking up the paintbrush for about seven years now and loves texture, using a lot of work with pallet knives and brushes. She mainly works with water based oils. Enjoy!

Mark Soparlo

Mark is a dynamic visual artist and has been involved in the Visual Arts his entire life. Mark has experimented with a vast variety of mediums and techniques during his training at several art schools. His initial career in architecture led to set design and art direction for the film industry. He has worked on over 45 productions including feature films, television and commercials for the past 18 years. His creative artistic pursuits include drawing, painting and photography.

Mark’s path has always been artistic in all of his endeavors. His passions include painting, photography, architecture, travel and design for the film industry. Mark Soparlo’s journey has taken him from prairie beginnings in Alberta to the mountainous seascape of British Columbia to his home and studio in Deer Lake. Mark’s inspiration is from his deep connection to our natural environment and his hope is that his art will inspire you on your journey.

For more information, please visit

Marguerite Stone

Marguerite brings to her painting a love of spontaneity, color and abstraction. Having grown up surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver and spending 25 years in rural Texas raising her kids, nature and the great outdoors have always been close to her heart. Marguerite happily moved to the River District four years ago. She loves the ever-changing views along the river here and after walking the river trail, even in the rain, she feels inspired to paint. “The mood of the Fraser constantly shifts with the weather, the time of day and season. It’s very inspiring, and the wood I can find along the river’s edge sparks my imagination into creating something unexpected. Colorful and bright, or dark and ominous, I call the Fraser my endlessly flowing bounty of inspiration.”

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